Freshman Presentation of Learning

Freshman POL Schedule

Freshman Schedule

Monday, June 10

  • 8:25-9:10, Seminar 1

  • 9:15-10:00, Seminar 2

  • 10:05-11:35, Observe POLs & provide feedback


  • Today’s seminars:

    • Local Library Resources

    • Digital Citizenship & FCPSOn


Tuesday, June 11

  • 8:25-10:00, Observe PoLs & provide feedback

  • 10:05-10:45, Seminar 3

  • 10:50-11:35, Seminar 4


  • Today’s seminars:

    • Grit and Resiliency

    • Student Resources


Wednesday, June 12

Freshman Presentations of Learning

  • 8:25-11:35 in Advisory Triads


Session Summaries

  • Local Library Resources: Oakton’s own librarians will collaborate with representatives from the Fairfax County Public Library to share information about the resources and experiences available to support students’ academics and extracurricular activities.
  • Digital Citizenship & FCPSOn: Students will be presented with information for coping with digital media and online interactions.  Details will also be provided regarding the rollout of the 1:1 devices.

  • Grit & Resiliency: Students will explore the meaning of grit and resiliency and learn strategies for goal-setting and working through obstacles.  Students will investigate a growth mindset which drives motivation and achievement.
  • Student Resources: Students will be given a chance to learn about and reflect on the assets that exist to help them be successful in their future high school year(s). Students will hear from speakers including current seniors about what they can do to prepare for the future and what skills they need to develop to thrive at their next level.   

*Students will be assigned seminar locations in their advisory classes.*