End of Year Absences

May 01, 2019

Every year we have a small number of students with conflicts/circumstances that result in the need to end the school year early.  In approved cases we need to find an alternate final exam/Presentation of Learning (PoL) time for your child. Please follow the steps below to gain approval and identify alternative dates for culminating activities. Please note that all seniors must remain in school through May 17and all underclassmen must remain in school through May 24.  The teacher will work to determine an alternate exam/PoL time with your student. 

Step 1:    Please write, sign and attach a statement of the reason for this request with student’s name prominently at top. 

Step 2:    Student will discuss with administrator, who will acknowledge request and return it to the student.

Step 3:    Student will ask teacher(s) to complete Section II.

Step 4:    Student will return form to administrator no later than May 13 for seniors and May 20for underclassmen for approval.

Reminder- senior exams begin May 28, and underclass exams begin May 31. POLs are scheduled from June 10-12 for 9th-11th grade students. If you have an extenuating circumstance and will miss one or more of these dates, you must request permission by completing the Early Release and have it approved by your administrator. If you have any questions about the process, please see your administrator.

Early Release Form