PSAT Scores

December 04, 2018

Starting December 11th, PSAT scores will begin to report. When scores are ready online, the student will receive an email (to the account provided to the College Board the day of testing). The email will contain instructions on creating a College Board account, accessing the online score report, and an access code to view scores. If the student did not receive an email, he or she can access the PSAT scores online on the College Board homepage. If they do not yet have a College Board account, one can be created.

More information is available on the College Board website.

Because of the need to create a College Board account to access PSAT scores, SAT scores, AP Exam results, and SAT registration, this is the method that students must use to access scores. Students will not get scores from Oakton High School. It is recommended that the student set up the account so that he or she knows how to access it in the future.

In addition, staff at Oakton are not able to assist with College Board accounts but recommend contacting them if there are error messages in setting up the account. If students have used different names (or filled in bubbles incorrectly), this might be why there is an issue with the account. The name listed in the email is the name on the College Board website; if it does not exactly match your child's name, it is due to how the bubbles were filled in on exam day. 

This College Board account should be used for students when taking future PSAT exams, SAT exams, and AP exams, so we recommend correcting any errors at this time. 

More information about College Board accounts can be found on their website. Their student line for the PSAT is 866-433-7728.

If you have a question that was not answered above and is not an issue with a College Board account, you may contact Molly Brady, Assessment Coach, at