School Closure Resources

March 16, 2020

School Closure Resources for Families:

Academic Resources: 

  • Students should continue to check their accounts, Blackboard and Google Classroom.    
  • Please see the FCPS Academics and Continuity of Learning Plan.  This site provides a comprehensive list of available programming and many resources for students to access.  This site will be updated as more resources are made available.  
  • Please see the Continuity of Learning Resources - Distance Learning Plan (look for the yellow light bulb) on Blackboard.  You will see a link there to Middle and High School Resources that students can access.  
  • As a reminder, no assignments at this time can be required or graded.  While many of you have expressed frustration with this stance, we need to ensure that all students have access to learning materials and supports.  This is constantly being reevaluated and any change in plans will be communicated as soon as possible.  
  • Students are encouraged to stay engaged in learning in any way possible.  

Mental Health Resources: 

  • If you are worried about your child’s mental health and are in need of support please email your child’s school counselor.  They will be able to best guide you to available resources.  
  • You can also reach out to our School Psychologist, Erica Evert ( @email) or our School Social Worker, Rachel Cherian (@email
  • Students also have access to the Cougar’s Chill Spot site. This was created for our students by our school counselors.  It contains resources around Mindfulness, Emotional REgulation, Health Habits, Coping Skills, and The 5 Senses.  Students can access this site through our grade level google classroom sites or logging in when they click on the link above. 
  • Local Mental Health Resources: 

Food Resources: 

General Resources: 

Who do we contact?