Sports Health Screenings

To participate in sports next school year, your child must have a physical on file dated on or after May 1, 2019, on the new form (Revised February 2017).  This includes working out in the weight room, conditioning, “green days” and try outs.

The Oakton High School Athletic Training Program is offering an opportunity for students to receive a sports health screening and pre-participation physical (PPE) on Monday May 13, 2019 from 5:30-8 pm.  Our team physicians, as well as a staff of nurses, physical therapists, and certified athletic trainers will be on hand to provide a thorough screening.  If during the screening or physical, the physicians find something that is questionable to them regarding your child’s health, they may request further evaluation by another physician. We are asking for a minimum donation of $50 in exchange for the PPE.  Registration is now open yet.  To register for a PPE, go to: and follow the links for sports physicals.  There is also a link for the new form there as well.  Walk-ins are also welcome on that evening but we ask for a $60 donation at that time. This physical is good for the entire following school year. 

 This is the Athletic Training Program’s method of fund raising.  All the funds for equipment and supplies are raised at this event.  The county provides no funding for any of the supplies or equipment in the athletic training room that is used to take care of our athletes.  Your support would be greatly appreciated.  You too benefit from this process.  Once your child’s VHSL physical form is completed that night, it stays on file at the school, as well as a digital copy is kept on our server, so if you need a copy just email one of the ATCs and we can sent you a copy.

PPE’s are being offered in the same format at every high school in FCPS and are fund raising efforts at those schools as well.  If you can not attend the PPEs at Oakton H.S., there may be another local high school offering the opportunity on a date that may be more convenient for you.  If you have any questions or concerns, contact Paul Rupp, MS, ATC at