Summer Activities

Read and Relax! 

We encourage all of you to read and relax this summer! Please read below for information from our librarians, as well as optional assignments for some of our classes.

  • From our English department: Congratulations on finishing this past school year; what a whirlwind it has been!  This summer, relax and enjoy yourself. While you do, consider also exploring the pleasure of getting lost in a good book. The American Library Association has published several lists of book ideas. Peruse it and see what peaks your interest. You can also reach out to your English teachers and/or librarians. Your English teachers would love to begin the year talking with you about what you read this summer. Whether you are traveling or staying home this summer, finding the right book can transport you to places never before explored. Have fun!

  • Fairfax County Library Summer Reading Adventure: Did you know the Summer Reading Adventure isn't just about reading? Children, teens and adults can also participate in lots of fun activities to keep you busy and having fun all summer long! More information is available on the Fairfax County library website


Optional Summer Enrichment: