Summer Reading 2019

All-School Summer Reading Experience

Reading is not just about the text you read, but also about the experience of reading. Reading can be a solo activity or something you do with friends. You can read for yourself or you can read to others. Reading can help you to understand new ideas and to create new things.

Oakton High School’s 2019 All-School Summer Reading Experience asks you to take note of the experience of reading. As you read your summer away, keep track of your reading experiences using this BINGO card. To mark a completed experience, please have a witness sign the square. For example, if you read to a resident at a nursing home, you should have the resident or a supervisor sign your card. You may not have the same person sign more than three squares, so take the opportunity to share your experiences with many different people.

You will turn this card in to your advisory teacher in August and there will be awards for students who complete BINGO. There are no limits to what you can read. Challenge yourself and read something new, or re-read an old favorite.

Document your reading experiences on Instagram and Twitter throughout the summer with the hashtag #OaktonReads.