Summer School Information

March 14, 2018

Summer school information is now available here.  There are several different options through FCPS for summer school:  Credit Recovery (this is for students who fail a required class), Online Campus (online classes with some mandatory in-person meetings), Self-Directed Economics/Personal Finance, and the Madison High School Program (with limited courses). Click this announcement for more information. 

For online campus classes, registration starts April 30th - June 15th and the classes run June 27th - July 26th.  Please check the website for more details on courses offered and cost.

For self-directed EPF, there are two summer sessions, and registration for both sessions start March 12th. 

Session 1: May 1st - June 21st

Session 2: July 2nd- August 1st

Please check the website for more details.  This is a popular option, so we recommend registering sooner than later.

Any student wishing to enroll in Geometry honors, PE 9 or PE 10 at James Madison High School, please see your counselor for more information.

Please note that students do NOT have to enroll in a summer school class.  They can always take a course in the school year for free.