Renovation Updates

Renovation: The Future of Oakton High School

In June of 2018 we broke ground on a four year renovation project that is set to be completed in June of 2022.  Each week in the Principal Updates messages, we will update you on the renovation project as it pertains to student daily life and any major changes or completions that may be upcoming.  In addition, please be sure to follow us on Twitter (@OaktonHS), Instagram (oaktonhs), and Facebook (  Construction will take place in 4 different phases. The time spent in each phase is dependent on several conditions and as a result timelines can be fluid. We are planning for a 2 year wait to complete Phase 1 (June 2020). As each part of the renovation is complete, we will move into the newly renovated portions.  While the project itself is slated to last four years, the benefits of the renovation will be seen much quicker than that. 

For those of you that have been in the building, you have seen a lot of dry wall that has gone up to separate the construction work.  We have great plans for those spaces!  To brighten up the hallways we have begun to collaborate with the Art and CTE Department, along with Student Leadership to decorate the walls.  I will also be receiving poster size prints of the renderings for the new building which will be hung around the building. 

The first summer of the project was a whirlwind of activity.  We are on track with the project to date and a substantial amount of work has been completed.  New pipes have been installed in both the ceilings and underground.  The most noticeable is the demolition of the front of the building, which will make way for the largest addition to the building.  Work has also begun on the new softball complex. 


The Phases

Phase 1

Highlights from Phase 1 include:

  • The large addition onto the front of the building, which will include a new Main Office, Student Services Office, Security Office, Clinic, Library, Science Wing and more. 
  • The addition of a new Dance Room, which will be used by Health and Physical Education classes, Dance, Cheerleading, and Gymnastics. 
  • A newly renovated softball complex and Cougar Path. 

Phase 2

Highlights from Phase 2 include:

  • An addition of a Performing Arts Wing near old Door 7. 
  • The renovation of several of our existing classrooms on both the first and second floors of the building. 

Phase 3

Highlights from Phase 3 include:

  • An addition of six classrooms off of the back of the building in the old back parking lot. 
  • Continued renovation of existing classrooms on the second floor.
  • Renovation of the theater and the start of extending the Main Gym.

Phase 4

Highlights from Phase 4 include:

  • Renovation of the remaining Art and CTE classrooms.
  • Completing the final additions on the back of the building, which will include the creation of a new courtyard and joining the addition with the existing building. 


Summer Work

Over the summer, work will be done on essential areas of the building that we cannot lose during the school year.  This includes renovations and updates to the Main/Auxiliary Gyms, Cafeteria, and Weight Room.


Kiss and Ride Patterns Have Changed

The new “Kiss and Ride” can be found in the parking lot nearest the intersection of Sutton Road and Country Creek Road.  “Kiss and Ride” traffic will need to yield to the busses as they come through at drop-off and dismissal.  To ensure that traffic runs smoothly, we are asking parents to please use this as the sole “Kiss and Ride” location. 



Visitor Parking:

Visitors can park in designated parking spots in the gravel lot (coming soon).

Handicap parking can also be found in the parking lot near Doors 5/6.

The front parking lot, near the athletic fields, is reserved for staff parking.  Please do not park there during the day. 

Student parking will be for seniors only and will be selected using a straight lottery.  While we wish we could accommodate all of those that wish to drive, that is not possible.  Lotteries will be done at the start of each year, and subsequently should additional spots arise for student use. 


Cougar Towne

Cougar Towne consists of forty-four total classrooms.  We are incredibly fortunate that at the start of our renovation, we were provided with all brand new trailers and they will remain throughout the duration of the renovation.  We have several water cooler stations outside for the students, in addition to student and faculty restroom facilities. 

During Phase 1, the Student Services office will be out in trailers.  We have placed two administrators out in Cougar Towne, one Assistant Principal, and the Director of Student Services.  With the completion of Phase 1, Student Services will be relocated and those trailers will be converted in to classroom spaces for the final two years of the renovation. 

At the completion of the project, those trailers will be removed and the tennis courts will be renovated.  Many people have asked if we will have any trailers at the completion of the renovation project.  The answer to that question is still unknown.  Prior to the actual work, years of planning go into a renovation project.  At the time the plans were drawn up, the enrollment at Oakton was much lower.  The new building will be significantly larger than the old building, but with our growing enrollment, there is a chance we may still need some trailers to accommodate all of the classes. 


Meet the Planning and Design Team

Oakton High School is incredibly fortunate to have an amazing group of people leading the renovation.  The renovation itself is led by the FCPS Office of Design and Construction and their collaboration with Henley Construction and Perkins Eastman Architects. 

FCPS Office of Design and Construction Team Members:

  • Matthew Wright, Construction Project Manager
  • John Swain, Field Construction Manager
  • Mike Mahoney, School-Construction Liaison
  • Mike Long, Field Representative
  • Stephanie Gains, Field Representative