AP Exam final reminders

Here are some last reminders before you start exams on May 11:

  • Make sure that you have been able to log into your College Board account before the exam
  • Take the practice AP exam
  • Two days before your exam: Your e-ticket will be emailed to you or you can access your e-ticket in My AP
  • Complete the AP Exam Checklist
  • Log in 30 minutes before exam
  • Use Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or Edge. Internet Explorer will not work
  • You can submit your response(s) by: 
    • Copy and Paste
    • Attached type response
    • Attach one or more photos of handwritten response (One photo for each page)
  • Do not refresh your browsers during testing
  • Do not call College Board helpline during exam for technical issues
  • Be sure to submit your work before time runs out!
  • If you have technical issues during your test, which inhibits you from completing your test. Submit a request to cb.org/requestmakeup within 48 hours of the issue to have a new ticket emailed to you