Unexcused Tardies

On-time Attendance

On-time attendance is paramount to student success. When students are unexcused tardy to class, it impacts the student and the class and is disrespectful to the teacher and class peers. Our data demonstrates that students perform better academically when they are on time to class. Starting on February 13, 2023, we are going to have a clear series of consequences depending on how many unexcused tardies each student accumulates.

We know that approximately 95% of our students are on time to class each day. In the mornings, administration and security is outside to help support traffic patterns, and we will continue to allow for flexibility on days that there is a specific issue with the traffic. We have seen that many students have already started to adjust their morning routines to get to school on time.


Student Unexcused Tardy Consequences

The consequences will be as follows:

  • 1-2 tardies: General warning and call and email home
  • 3-5 tardies: students will meet with administration and learn details about next steps
  • 6-8 tardies: Students will receive an after school detention, and their daily number of allowed bathroom passes will be limited.
  • 9-11 tardies: Students will receive a Saturday school, lose their parking pass for a week, and receive an activity ban for 7 days
  • 12+ tardies: students will receive an in school suspension, they will have an additional loss of their parking pass, and receive a longer activity ban.


We want students to be successful, and we hope by clearly encouraging them to get to class on time this will help to ensure their success.