Attendance Procedures & Forms


All Day absences must be excused by a student’s parent or guardian.

Parents may call the Attendance Line at 703-319-2727 to leave a message OR provide a note upon the student's return to school. 

  • In the voicemail message or written note, please include the following:
    • Student’s first and last name spelled clearly or slowly;
    • Student ID Number;
    • And specific information regarding reason for absence, including if necessary, illness diagnosis or symptoms and whether or not the student has seen a physician.
    • The Parent/Guardian phone number (for verification) and signature must be included on all written notes.
  • Emailed excuses will not be accepted.


Pre- Arranged Absences

Students must bring a note to the attendance office at least one week (five school days) prior to the first day of the absence. The following process will then be followed:

  • The request will be reviewed by Oakton Administration (to determine whether the absence will be excused or unexcused).
  • Students will receive the FCPS prearranged absence form to be signed off by their classroom teachers. When complete, the form must be returned to the main office.
  • Students are permitted a maximum of three days per year for events like college visits, religious holidays, and required family trips.
  • Emailed requests will not be accepted


Late Arrivals

Students arriving late after 8:10 AM will be marked unexcused tardy. 

  • Without a valid handwritten note, the tardiness will be marked as an unexcused tardy.
  • In the note, please include the student name, time the student is coming to school, the reason for the tardy, a parent/guardian signature, the student ID, and contact phone number for follow-up.
  • Valid tardiness reasons include illness or family emergency.
  • The following will not be excused: oversleeping, power outages, car trouble, traffic, and missing the bus. Students will be given a pass to enter their assigned class after checking in at the Attendance Window.


Tardiness/Unexcused Absences

Students who are late to class without a valid pass will be recorded as unexcused tardy. Students who miss class without a valid reason or do not follow the procedure will be recorded as unexcused absent. Both of these behaviors will lead to a referral to the Oakton administrative team.


Early Checkout Procedures

Students checking out of school early must bring a note to the Attendance office. If the note is for a valid absence the student will be issued a pass to leave class at the appointed time.

  • Every student must sign out through the Main Office prior to leaving the building.
  • If a student leaves campus without permission or without checking out, they will be subject to disciplinary action.
  • Due to check-out volume, phone calls are not accepted for check-outs. Please write the appropriate note.
  • In the checkout note, please include the student name, time the student will leave school, when they will return (if applicable), the reason for the check-out, a parent/guardian signature, the student ID, and contact phone number for follow-up.
  • If returning to school that same day, students must check in at the Attendance Window before going to back to class, even if it is between classes.
  • Calls and emails will not be accepted for early checkout