Programs & Presentations

Programs and Presentations

The Oakton High School School Counseling Department provides a comprehensive developmental counseling program to all students.In support of a student's academic success, School Counseling counselors guide students to make appropriate decisions and help them access available resources. Counselors advocate for students and consistently monitor their progress. Their goal is to help students develop the self-confidence and acquire the life skills necessary to function as successful adults. School Counseling counselors are committed to fostering the personal, social and educational growth of all students. 

The School Counseling staff plans many instructional opportunities for students. Those activities are grade level appropriate and satisfy the current needs and interest of students. Students are encouraged to attend all of these group activities. A great deal of relevant information is provided that will allow students to wisely plan for their futures. 


Post-Secondary Planning


Freshman Information

Stress Management

Time Management & Study Skills

Eating Disorder Fact Sheet