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The following is provided in an effort to provide the best health care possible to ALL Cougar athletes. Please review the following information with the coaching staff and athletes. Working together, we can improve the health, safety, and ultimately the performance of our athletes.


Athletes unable to participate in any part of a practice or game due to an injury must be evaluated by the school’s Board certified athletic trainer (ATC) as soon as possible. If an ATC is not available at the time of the injury, please let us know about the injury as soon as possible. You can contact us at 703-319-2833 (athletic training room) or on the cell phone 703-932-1949. Please leave a message at either location so we can do our best to help your athlete safely return to participation in a timely manner.



Taping, while often thought of as a standard part of sports participation, is now only used when it is determined it will be beneficial to the protection of an injured body part. In most cases, athletes will be much better served if they are provided a comprehensive rehabilitation program, which may or may not include the application of tape as short-term additional support. Along with the application of tape for protection of an injured body part, a thorough rehabilitative exercise program should be included as a core component of the individual’s treatment plan according to FCPS Athletic Training Program policy.


WE NEED YOUR HELP to ensure that the injured athletes report to the athletic training room daily.

Injury Tx Red Cards- If one of your athletes requires the attention of an ATC prior to participation at a site other than Oakton HS, the ATCs at Oakton will provide the athlete with an “Injury Tx Red Card” to provide to the host ATC. This card provides information specific to the athlete’s injury that will facilitate the athlete’s care and treatment at the away site. If the athlete forgets or misplaces the card, the host ATC at the away site will still treat the athlete but may require a full evaluation and/or confirmation with us prior to providing any treatment.

Special Requests- If you have any special requests or needs, please let us know before the game begins and we will be more than happy to accommodate any reasonable request. It is especially important to let us know at the end of the varsity game if an ATC will be needed upon completion of the post-game locker room meeting. This applies to the host ATCs at away events as well, let them know if you will need any supplies, or an athlete evaluated prior to leaving the facility.

  1. Upon completion of the initial evaluation, we will send a brief report along with the athlete indicating the results of the evaluation which may include recommendation for referral to a physician
  2. Communication between athletes, coaches, parents and treating physicians is an essential part of an athlete’s recovery from injury
  3. Athletes under a physician's care should provide written documentation from treating physician to the ATC upon returning to school, Physician Response Forms are available from the athletic training room or website that will provide the ATC with all the necessary information
  4. Every effort will be made to return the athlete to participation as soon as possible, recommendations regarding limited participation and modifications of activities will be provided. Please follow these recommendations to reduce the risk of re-injury, and to prevent prolonging the healing process
  5. Return to play decisions will be based on a full evaluation and functional testing by the ATCs, and input from the athlete, parents, coaches, treating physicians, and team physician when appropriate
  6. Please contact us should you have any questions, including the athlete’s readiness to return to full participation
  7. Taping is designed to assist in the protection of a body part and to reduce the chance of re-injury until the injury has fully healed
  8. Taping should not be considered as a treatment without a full evaluation of the injury by an ATC and/or MD
  9. Athletes who are identified as needing regular taping of a body part will be required to continue a regimen of rehabilitation on a daily basis, as an efficient and practical alternative to daily taping, a brace may be advised
  10. Rehabilitation will continue until the athlete’s health has been completely restored but may continue even after they have returned to full participation in an effort to prevent re-injury
  11. Rehabilitation may be modified on game days to ensure the athlete is in the best position to compete without risk of further injury

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