Assessment Timeline

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September 11-15

9 through 12

SOL, non-writing tests


For students who have previously passed a course but need verified credit. Students who completed expedited retakes during Summer School are not eligible. Students will be notified if they are testing.

October 11

9 through 11



Students in grade 9 will take the PSAT 8/9; Students in grades 10 and 11 will take the PSAT. To receive test results students in grade 11 complete the registration form located on the Oakton website and pay the $20 registration fee. 9th and 10th grade students are automatically registered as the county pays their registration fee.

October 17-18

11 & 12

SOL End-of-Course Writing, multiple choice (10/17) and essay (10/18)


This test is for anyone planning to graduate by August 2018 who still require the verified credit for writing. Students must take both sections of the test. The retake for students will be December 6&7.


December 4-January 12

9 through 12

SOL, non-writing tests


Students who have previously passed the course but need verified credit. This includes transfer students. Remediation will occur throughout the fall.

January 8-February 28

9 through 12



All English Language students (ELP levels 1 – 5) participate in this language assessment.

March 6-7

11 and certain students in 12

SOL writing test, multiple choice & essay


Both components are taken in an online format. The Multiple Choice is on March 6, and the Short Paper (essay) is on March 7. This is primarily for students enrolled in English 11 and English 11 HN. The expedited retake for seniors only will be held between April 17-24.

May 7-18

10 through 12

AP Testing


All students enrolled in an AP Course will take the AP exam related to the course.


9 through 12

SOL, non-writing End-of-Course tests


The full schedule will be online. Students will test SOL subject tests on the same day as others in the course. Makeups and retakes will follow.