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We are excited for our senior year!

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Save the date - Graduation

We will celebrate the graduation of the Class of 2024 on Tuesday, June 11 at 9:30 am at EagleBank Arena.  

Senior Letters

    Senior Letter - September 29

    September 29, 2023


    Dear Seniors and Parents of the Class of 2024:

    It will be June before we know it and the Oakton High School, Class of 2024, will receive their diplomas. We have enjoyed the start of the school year and have had a few events already celebrating the Class of 2024 including the Senior Sunrise and Senior Panoramic. 

    Throughout the year we will continue to send updated senior letters to provide additional detail and clarity surrounding the school year and plans for the Class of 2024.  


    Dates of Interest: 

    • October 16-18: 3rd Senior Portrait Opportunity
    • November 29: Final Senior Portrait Opportunity
    • April 12: Prom 
    • May 6-17: AP Exams (Schedule
    • May 31 - June 5: Senior exams (Tentative Dates) 
    • June 6 -7; June 10 : Senior Activity Dates (On these dates we will hold two mandatory graduation rehearsals, the senior sunset and the senior awards ceremony.  Final dates and times have yet to be determined but will be out soon.) 
    • June 11: Graduation, 9:30am (EagleBank Arena)


    Senior Panoramic

    The Class of 2024 took their Senior Panoramic photo in the stadium on Friday, September 22.  You can pre-order your copy of the senior panoramic here.  Once the photograph is ready additional ordering information will be released.  


    Senior Portraits

    Senior portraits have been scheduled with Victor O’Neill Studios.  Additional senior Portrait opportunities for the Class of 2024 are available on: October 16-18, 2023 and  November 29, 2023 (final opportunity).  Information will be provided to families in advance of each photo session so that you may sign-up for a designated time slot.


    Senior “Skip” Days

    Every year senior students across the country organize “senior skip days” where many senior students decide to not attend school during a regularly scheduled day. These days are not recognized by Oakton High School as we follow the adopted FCPS school year calendar. Our teachers will continue as planned with their lessons and instruction. Students will be responsible for learning all material they may miss.

    If a parent calls a senior out for a “senior skip day” the attendance code used will be “UNL”. That code means that while you are aware your child is not in school, it is not for a reason deemed an excused absence from the school perspective. Information on FCPS attendance policies can be found here


    Senior Dues

    Senior Dues are collected each year to pay for the associated costs of graduation. The cost of this year’s senior dues will be announced once we finalize the cost of graduation and should be announced soon.   Senior dues can be paid through MySchoolBucks or by check made payable to Oakton High School. Any student who has free or reduced lunch status can speak with their school counselor regarding payment options. 


    Senior Dues help pay for the following: 

    • School buses used to transport students in performing arts to the EagleBank Arena to provide the music for graduation.
    • Stage flowers 
    • Senior Events (Sunrise, Sunset, etc.) 
    • Cap, gown, and one tassel 
    • Diploma and Diploma cover
    • Graduation programs


    Senior T-Shirt

    Soon we will be accepting designs for the Class of 2024 senior t-shirt.  Once the designs are submitted and the final design selected, we will make seniors and parents aware so you may order a shirt for your student if you wish to do so.  These are completely optional.  


    Oakton Internship Program 

    Eligible seniors may participate in the Oakton Internship Program during the final weeks of the school year. Seniors may arrange to intern at local businesses, schools, or service organizations. The intent of this experience is to benefit Oakton seniors by helping them explore a possible area of interest for their future, which provides them a real world experience putting academic interests in action in a non-academic setting. This year’s Oakton Internship Program dates will be finalized soon.  

    Participating seniors will finish all of their classes and coursework prior to the start of the internship and be exempt from any senior final exams during the internship dates. This internship must be secured by the student at the time of his/her application. Immediate family members (parents or siblings) may not serve as the sponsor for a student’s internship.  

    All information related to the Oakton Internship program will be reviewed with the senior class during the school year. Applications are typically released at the start of the second semester (late January/early February). 


    Senior Exams

    The schedule for senior final exams is tentatively scheduled as follows:

    • Friday, May 31: Senior exams periods 2 and 4 (Seniors will leave after their 4th period exam)
    • Monday, June 3: Senior exams periods 5 and 7 (Schedule will be modified 7/3/5/1; Seniors will leave after their 5th period exam)
    • Tuesday, June 4: Senior exams period 6 and 8 (Schedule will be modified to 6/8/2/4; Seniors will leave after their 8th period exam)
    • Wednesday, June 5: Senior exams period 1 (Seniors will leave after their 1st period exam) 


    Senior Awards Ceremony

    This year our senior awards ceremony will be held on Thursday, June 6 or Friday, June 7.  We are currently finalizing our end-of-year calendar.   This event recognizes a large number of our senior students on their accomplishments and is open for all seniors to attend. Recognitions include honor graduates and department awards. More information to come on this event later in the school year. 


    Graduation Rehearsals - Mandatory 

    We will host two graduation rehearsals for our seniors in advance of graduation.  We are currently finalizing graduation rehearsal schedules.  Students should plan to be in attendance at school activities and events on June 6, June 7, and June 10. 

    Attendance at both graduation rehearsals is mandatory for students who wish to participate in our graduation ceremony. This helps us ensure that graduation runs smoothly. Students who do not attend graduation rehearsals will not be permitted to attend the graduation ceremony. No one will be excused from rehearsal unless prior approval is granted by Mr. Stroud, Class of 2024 Administrator. 

    At rehearsals we will review the entire graduation program and provide seating arrangements and directions on the processional and recessional. In addition, we will practice all student names to ensure they are read correctly at the graduation ceremony. During this time we will also distribute caps and gowns to students. All outstanding obligations (textbook fines, library fines, parking fines, AP exam fees, senior dues, etc.) must be paid in order for a student to collect his/her cap and gown. 


    Cap and Gown Information

    Cap and gown orders will be handled through the school.  To ensure we are ordering the right size for every student, we will have seniors fill out a google form.  Once the form is ready, we will make senior families aware so you may fill out the form together if you wish to ensure the appropriate size gown is ordered for your child.  


    Senior Sunset

    We will be holding our final senior celebration event on one of our senior activity days (June 6, June 7 or June 10).  The final date will be sent in the next senior letter.. Refreshments will be provided to students. More details to come! 



    Graduation for the Class of 2023 will be held on Tuesday, June 11, 2023 at 9:30 am at EagleBank Arena, George Mason University. For directions and a map, please check the website: Due to the size of EagleBank Arena, no tickets are necessary to attend the event. 

    Each year we plan a respectful and dignified ceremony that will require everyone’s cooperation. No messages on caps or gowns, noisemakers, or any other inappropriate toys or items such as signs, balls, balloons, etc. will be permitted. Those who violate the formal and secure atmosphere may be escorted from the arena at the discretion of school personnel and/or Eaglebank arena staff. 

    • Each senior that has fulfilled his/her financial and academic obligations will be invited to participate in our graduation ceremony. As a reminder, all participation is contingent on adherence to the Students Rights and Responsibilities (SR&R) and all school rules.
    • If a family will require a sign-language interpreter please make that request, in writing, by emailing Mr. Larry Stroud at @email  by May 3, 2024. 
    • Transportation to EagleBank Arena is not provided by the school. Due to the time of our graduation ceremony, families are encouraged to plan their trip to account for natural delays due to rush hour traffic, etc.  
    •  Dress Code: 
      • Business casual attire: (Examples provided below) 
        • Light colored collared shirt with a tie
        • Khaki or dress slacks
        • Dress 
    • Dress shoes (Modest heels or flats; no boots, sandals, sneakers or flip flops)

    Please make plans with your family in advance for a meeting place outside of EagleBank Arena. Students will only be permitted to have their car key with them and no cell phones. Please speak with your students in advance of the ceremony (after rehearsal) to determine which side of the floor they  will be sitting on. 



    Jamie S. Lane                Larry Stroud 

    Principal                         Assistant Principal, Senior Class Administrator 


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