School Innovation & Improvement Plan

Outcome goals for this academic school year

End of Year SMARTR Outcome


Raise the Bar

All students at Oakton High School will improve their skills as ethical and global citizens and goal-directed and resilient individuals (as defined in the FCPS Portrait of a Graduate), measured by earning a 90% or higher on their culminating Presentations of Learning / Capstone Exit Interviews. 

Strategy 1

All Collaborative Learning Teams and individual teachers will align their SMARTR goals to the SIP goal (all focused on Ethical and Global Citizen and/or Goal-Directed and Resilient Individual.

Strategy 2

Grade-level interdisciplinary teams will collaborate to plan, implement, and reflect upon grade-level reflective portfolios, Presentations of Learning, the Exhibition of Learning, and the Capstone Projects.

Strategy 3

Through Advisory, Oakton High School students will build relationships with each other and their advisors. They will grow in Ethical and Global Citizenship by engaging in discussions of school culture. They will also grow as Goal-Directed and Resilient Individuals by sharing their progress related to personal learning goals and their learning portfolio tasks (including the Exhibitions of Learning, Presentations of Learning, and Capstone projects).

Strategy 4

Provide a Professional Learning Menu of opportunities to the staff that focuses on the key components of the Portrait of a Graduate. Varied approaches to professional learning will increase teacher agency in the school improvement process while accounting for their demanding schedules and honoring learning in which teachers are already immersed.

Strategy 5

Explore Literacy Strategies across grade levels and disciplines from a variety of perspectives.

Strategy 6

Teachers will showcase best practices for teaching and learning, with emphasis on the Portrait of a Graduate, while building collegial relationships.

Strategy 7

We will host our seventh annual Exhibition of Learning to promote Portrait of a Graduate skills for all students.

Strategy 8

We will cultivate innovation and teacher leadership in collaboration with the larger division initiatives including the PBL Innovation Initiative, the Literacy Initiative, the Assessment Innovation Team, and the Virginia Network Improvement Committee on Student-Led Assessment.

Strategy 9

We will foster the development of an environment of integrity, respect, kindness, and open-mindedness at Oakton High School through the inclusion of student voice throughout school improvement efforts.

End of Year SMARTR Outcome


Close the Gap

Students with disabilities at Oakton High School will increase from 63% to 68 % in their combined mathematics pass rates on the SOL tests (Algebra 1, Algebra 2 and Geometry combined).

Strategy 1

Teachers will use data to make informed decisions about student progress and intervention/enrichment needs.

Strategy 2

Implement best practices in mathematics instruction.