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Even though we are distance learning now, we are continuing to help prepare for AP exams! 

Below are some Frequently Asked Questions and other information regarding AP Tests and possible actions that need to be taken before the May exams. 

AP Updates due to Coronavirus

NEW: The AP Exam dates have been published as of April 3, 2020. You can find them on the College Board's website

AP Exam Reminders for May 2020

We have prepared an FAQ slide show to answer questions you might have about testing this year.

Important highlights and reminders include:

  • Before your exam: you MUST be able to log into your College Board account! This is how you will access your exam. Be sure to log in before your exams to make sure you are good to go!
  • Exam format: you can use your own device to complete the exam. You do need to log in 30 minutes prior to the exam's scheduled time to get set up. You can submit either by typing and uploading it or taking a picture of your handwritten response. For most exams, you'll have five minutes after the 45 minute response time to complete uploading your response. 
  • During the exam: The tests will be open note / open book and there will be consequences should you violate exam security. 
  • Accommodations: If you previously had accommodations approved by the College Board, these will automatically be applied. 

Other College Board resources:

Fairfax County AP Testing & Instruction FAQs have also been posted and updated as of April 28, 2020 (please scroll down to find the AP exam specific information). You can also read the FCPS News Release that was published on March 23.

Who do I contact if I have any questions about AP Testing at Oakton? You may contact our AP Test Coordinator at Katie Warehime at @email


Other Oakton AP Exam Information

What changes are happening this year in AP? Please read this letter from Mrs. Lane, principal, regarding the major changes and about the timeline. 

What do I need to do at the start of the year? All students will have to have a College Board account in order to access important classroom materials as well as register for SAT exams and view scores for SATs, PSATs, and APs. This needs to be an account that students are able to regularly view and should have access to by August 29. We recommend students use a personal email address and not their school email address, as the school email address will expire when they graduate.

Students will login here: https://apstudents.collegeboard.org/

If you have issues accessing your College Board account, there are prompts on that page that can help you, or you can contact the College Board at 888-225-5427. Oakton High School is not able to help with College Board accounts.

Once I have a College Board account, what will I do? Each class will have a unique class that you will need to sign up for through AP Classroom. You will receive a unique code from your teacher that will enable you to enroll. Information on how to enroll can be found on the College Board website. This needs to be done early on in the year so we can have a correct accounting of students in each class! 

When are AP Exams held? Exam dates have changed due to COVID-19 and will be held the weeks of May 11 and May 18. The full schedule from College Board can be found on their website by April 3. 

Do I need to pay for the AP exams I'm taking?  The fees for the first six AP tests taken by each student for courses in which they are enrolled for high school credit will be paid by FCPS. The letter you received in January will detail how many tests you have taken previously. Full information about AP test fees can be found on the FCPS website. Any exams students take beyond the six FCPS-funded tests will be charged a fee of $94. 

I want to take an AP exam in a class I’m not taking / I don’t attend Oakton and want to take an AP test there. What do I need to do? High School students not enrolled in an AP Class at Oakton who wish to take an exam in May should fill out this form and submit $94 payment by October 25. No late registrations will be accepted. Please note that this is dependent on available space. Please note this date is early in the year and much earlier than years prior.

It is not possible to register for an exam after March 13, 2020.

How do I apply for College Board Accommodations for my student?  Students who have an IEP or 504 do not automatically have College Board accommodations. Paperwork must be submitted to Oakton by December 20,2019, to allow for processing prior to the College Board deadline; however, we encourage students to submit paperwork as early as possible. All paperwork is to be given to Shelley Wiederhold, Special Education Department Chair at Oakton High School. Each of the following must be completed:

Processing for accommodations can take between 7-12 weeks, so we must have the paperwork in by December 20 to process before AP Testing in May. Paperwork should be delivered to Oakton High School, to the attention of Shelley Wiederhold, or emailed to @email

Who do I contact if I have any questions about AP Testing at Oakton? You may contact our AP Test Coordinator at Katie Warehime at @email or 703-319-2806