Testing Accommodations

College Board Accommodations (AP, PSAT, SAT)

Students who have an IEP or 504 do not automatically have College Board accommodations. Students who have been approved in previous years do not need to apply again. All of the paperwork is to be given to Shelley Wiederhold, special education department chair, at @email. You must complete the following form to allow us to communicate on your behalf with the College Board:

Paperwork should be delivered to Oakton High School to the attention of Shelley Wiederhold at @email.

If you are returning paperwork in the summer, please email Mrs. Wiederhold to let her know to expect it.

In order to be approved by specific exams, there are deadlines to allow for us to process and submit to the College Board by their deadlines.

  • SAT School Day and PSAT Testing on October 11, 2023: Please submit to Mrs. Wiederhold no later than August 8, 2023
  • AP Exam approval: please submit to Mrs. Wiederhold no later than December 8, 2023 for May 2024 administration

Please note that once accommodations have been approved for PSAT, SAT, or AP exams, students do not need to reapply. College Board-approved accommodations will be in place for the student's time in high school and on all College Board exams. 

Look over the Frequently Asked Questions for more information.

Please note that having an IEP or 504 does not automatically guarantee approval for College Board Accommodations.


ACT Accommodations

The ACT Exams are conducted by another agency.  By going to www.actstudent.org and reviewing the “Students with Disabilities” section, two options for test accommodations can be found. The Oakton High School SSD Coordinator must also review and verify this application; please email Shelley Wiederhold, Oakton's Special Education Department Chair, at @email for more information.