Administration & Support Team

picture of Mrs. Lane

Jamie Lane

Principal, High School

Phone: 703-319-2750


picture of Mrs. Landis

Mary Landis

Assistant Principal, HS

Supervisor for Special Ed - Cat B, Science, and ESOL

Advisor for Class of 2025

Administrator for students with last names: 

  • Sem – Z (grades 9, 11, 12)
  • Ro – Z (grade 10)

Phone: 703-319-2771

Email: @email

picture of Mr. Oberndorf

James Oberndorf

Assistant Principal, HS

Supervisor for Social Studies and Health and PE 

Advisor for Class of 2027

Administrator for students with last names:

  • Io – Miz (Grades 9, 11, 12)
  • Fo – Lee (Grade 10)

Phone: 703-319-2846

Email: @email

picture of Mr. Olivo

Salvatore Olivo

Assistant Principal, HS

Supervisor for English, Fine Arts, Library, and Leadership

Advisor for Class of 2026

Administrator for students with last names: 

  • A – C (grades 9, 11, 12)
  • A – Cha (grade 10)
  • AVID grades 9 and 10

Phone: 703-319-2772

Email: @email

picture of Ms. Rodeheaver

Martha Rodeheaver

Assistant Principal, HS

Supervisor for Math, CTE, Performing Arts, and Technology Support

Administrator for students with last names:

  • D – In (grades 9, 11, 12)
  • Che – Fl (grade 10)

Phone: 703-319-2773

Email: @email

picture of Mr. Stroud

Lawrence Stroud

Assistant Principal, HS

Supervisor of Special Ed - Cat A, World Languages, and AVID 

Advisor for Class of 2024

Administrator for students with last name:

  • Mj – Sel (grades 9, 11, 12)
  • Lef – Riz (grade 10)
  • AVID grades 11-12

Phone: 703-319-2770

Email: @email

picture of Ms. Hogan

Jennifer Hogan

Director, Student Services, HS

Supervisor for School Counselors, Career Center, SIA/Registar/Transcripts, Assessment Coach, and Parent Liaisons

Phone: 703-319-2802

Email: @email

picture of Mr. Full

Patrick Full

Director, Student Activities, HS

Supervisor for Athletics/Clubs, Custodians/Building Engineer, ATC, ADSA, and Renovations

Phone: 703-319-2760

Email: @email

image of Mr. Giambattista


Scott Giambattista

Safety & Security Specialist


image of the support staff on the stairs at Oakton


Support Staff

image of the administrative assistants at Oakton

School Support Team