Service Learning

Service Learning Requirements for Graduates

Government Service Hours: 15 hours

Must log service hours and complete the assignment for class. This counts as a grade and you must adhere by the guidelines set forth by your Government teacher. If you have questions, you should ask your current Government teacher.

Service Learning Hours Cord: 40 hours 

This is separate from government.  Students can use the hours that they used for government, but they will need a total of 40 hours from the past 4 years in order to earn a service cord at graduation. Note to Underclassmen: Hours/Reflections will be recorded by the student on x2VOL website. 

  • Note to current Seniors: You will not get the actual cord until graduation rehearsal.

Civics Seal Application: 50 hours

This is an application approved by the state of VA, and requires 50 hours of service, as well as a B average in History/Government. It will allow students to be eligible to receive a civics seal on their diploma. 

  • Please talk to your Social Studies teacher for more information.

*Important Updates Regarding the Service Learning Cord for Class of 2022 Seniors and End-of-Year X2VOL Deadlines:

Due to the recent challenges of the pandemic, the service hour criteria for the service learning cord has been modified for the Class of 2022 cohort. Class of 2022 seniors who accumulate 20 hours or more of service learning are qualified to receive an FCPS service learning cord as a special recognition at graduation. It is important to note that this 50% reduction in service hour criteria for the service learning cord is for high school seniors graduating in 2022. The service learning cord criteria remains unchanged for future graduating cohorts. The service learning cord is also a separate recognition opportunity from the diploma seals (i.e. Civics Seal, Science and the Environment Seal) which the Virginia Department of Education issues guidance on.

In addition, the x2VOL End-of-Year (EOY) deadlines have been recently announced. The deadline when all service hours must be approved in x2VOL for 12th grade students is May 2, 2022.

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