Leadership and Sports Leadership

Oakton High School Leadership Department

image of Mr. Farrell, Ms. weber, and Mr. McCulla on stairs with the Oakton Cougar mascot lying on the stairs in front of them


Our Mission

The Leadership program aims to help students develop the leadership skills and traits needed to be leaders in school and beyond while working to build a sense of community among students, teachers, staff, and parents at Oakton High School as a place to learn, work, and enjoy life.  Leadership has unique expectations both inside and outside of class. Students are expected to participate in both aspects. These related events and activities are considered co-curricular.

  • In completing this course, students will develop skills as:

  • Leaders

  • Collaborators

  • Communicators

  • Creative & Critical Thinkers

  • Active Citizens

If you are interested in taking Leadership, please contact your counselor.



Leadership Staff

Sports Leadership

The Sports and Athletics Leadership program goal is to help students and athletes develop the skills and traits needed to be leaders in school and on the field, mat, track, pool, court…. This class is part “internship” for the Activities Office and part course study on sports leadership where there will be units of study along with working with the Activities Office on helping and enhancing our athletics programs at Oakton. Sports leadership will give students the opportunity to participate in events both in and out of the classroom. During this course students will also develop the skills to be leaders, collaborators, communicators, goal-directed individuals, and creative and critical thinkers. 


Sports Leadership Staff