Student Supports at Oakton

In addition to the school counseling team and administrative team, there are a number of additional staff members at Oakton who are here to support students throughout the school year.

These include: Systems of Support Advisor, School Psychologist, School Social Workers, Career Center Specialist, Substance Abuse Prevention Specialist, and Family Liaison.




Systems of Support Advisor

Justin Janis


The Systems of Support Advisor is an extra layer of support embedded in the school to assist the school leadership with the needs of the school. He works closely with the administration, school counselors, students and their families to make sure students are getting the individualized support they need.

  • Attendance-support students and families to make sure they attend all classes.
  • MTSS-run reports and attend meetings to identify students that need extra support.
  • Restorative Justice-facilitate meetings with students or work with the county for students to use the Restorative Justice process.
  • Mentors-works with the Mentorworks office to pair students with mentors
  • Edmentum-coordinate online classes for students in need of recovering credits

School Psychologist

Leyla Babaturk



School Psychologists perform a variety of roles in the school, including:

  • Leading students and staff in initiatives and projects to address academic, mental health, and behavioral needs of our students
  • Interact with students to develop academic, social, and life skills

School Social Workers

Rachel Cherian



Salima Jiwa(part time)


School social workers:

  • Serve as a liaison between home, school, and community
  • Help students to develop social emotional competencies, foster resiliency, and cope with crisis situations and conflicts
  • Participate in student-centered meetings to address academic, mental health, and behavior needs

Career Center Specialist

Eddie McClam


The College and Career Center provides information on college representative visits, career exploration, financial aid and scholarships, as well as life after high school, military and ROTC, and NOVA.  

Substance Abuse Prevention Specialist

Michael McNulty

[email protected]

FCPS’s Substance Abuse Prevention Program provides learning experiences to students.

Some of the duties of the SAPS include:

  • ATOD education 
  • Intervention services upon violation of SR&R or suspected substance abuse involvement
  • Group and individual prevention services for students, staff, parents, and the Fairfax County community

Family Liaison

Martha Ghahremani-Nejad


Family liaisons work to help families get the information and assistance they need to support their children and ensure their academic success.

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