Visiting Oakton?

View our school procedures for all, including family & alumni.

By Wally Baranyk
  • All exterior doors are locked each day at 8:15 a.m.
  • Regardless of destination (e.g., clinic, guidance office, activities, etc.), upon entering the school, all visitors must report to the main office and register at the visitor control station. While in the building, a visitor badge must be worn in a conspicuous location and visible at all times.
  • Former students and friends of students, etc. are not allowed to visit during school hours.
  • Visitations with teachers are by appointment only or with the approval of an administrator.
  • Visitors must register in the main office at every visit.
  • Visitations after 2:55 p.m. are allowed, after reporting to the main office and registering.
  • County employees with issued ID’s, not assigned to Oakton High School, must log in only recording their office or shop. If they do not have their ID badge, an issued visitor badge must be obtained and worn.
  • All non-employee contractors and vendors must report to the main office, log in, and wear their issued visitor badge.
  • All faculty and staff must have their employee badge visible at all times, or report to the main office and obtain a visitors’ badge.
  • Substitute teachers must report to the main office prior to going to the classroom.  A substitute employee badge or visitors’ badge must be worn and visible at all times.