Cougar FAQ

Oakton High School Counseling Department

Who do you call for homework? 

  • Students absent 1-3 days should check FCPS 24n Learning or contact their teacher or a fellow student to check on homework. If a student is out more than 3 days, contact the counselor. A request will be sent to teachers for assignments. Please allow 24 hours before assignments can be picked up in the Guidance office. All requested assignments are expected to be completed prior to the student's return.

Who do you call if you have a question about a class? 

  • For concerns about a specific class, such as questions about grading or information about class work, the class teacher should be the first contact. For assistance with other concerns related to school performance or the well-being of the.. student, conference with the school counselor is encouraged.

How do you set up a conference with teachers? 

  • For conferences, contact your student's counselor to setup an appointment.

How do you monitor what your student is doing in class? 

  • Student Planners: 
  • Each student was given a student planner on the first week of class. This is a wonderful tool to use for monitoring assignments on a regular basis. Daily, students should write down their assignments allowing you to review what they have done each evening. They should write something for each class, even if they do not have a specific assignment, such as "no homework, review pages 67-71." It is important to discuss what a student is doing in each class on a daily basis. 
  • Progress Reports: 
  • Teachers can e-mail progress reports (upon request) or you can contact your student's counselor. Please make sure that the e-mail posted on WeCare is correct or contact the counselor to report any corrections. Interim grades are given to students halfway into each quarter. 
  • Report Cards: 
  • Report Cards are prepared quarterly and mailed home approximately one week after the end of the grading period (check the OHS Calendar for dates).

Is tutoring available? 

  • Many teachers offer after school hours one or two days a week to help students with assignments. Please contact them directly to find out what days they are available. Free tutoring is offered by members of the National Honor Society, Math Honor Society, and Foreign Language Honor Societies for any student who needs additional help. A list of adult tutors is available in the guidance office. Please be informed that tutorial services do not represent any endorsement of these services by Fairfax County Public Schools.

What if I have other questions?