Electives and Course Registration Information

Oakton students will soon be registering for classes for next school year! 

You can find information about our classes, explained by our teachers, through our course offerings website. Additional information can be found on our academic advising and course offerings page.

When we return to school, we will begin registration for next school year.  The dates below are tentative and may be adjusted as needed.  All students will have presentations from the counselors and then an individual meeting to confirm the classes they wish to take.

It is incredibly important that students sign up for the classes they want to take.  We base our staffing decisions on these initial numbers.  

Rising Seniors - Class of 2023

  • Classroom Presentations: January 10 & January 11 through Social Studies classes
  • 1:1 Registration with counselor: January 12 – 28 through English classes

Rising Juniors - Class of 2024

  • Classroom Presentations: February 2 & February 3 through PE classes
  • 1:1 Registration with counselor: February 4 – 11 through PE classes

Rising Sophomores - Class of 2025

  • Classroom Presentations: February 16 & 17 through PE classes
  • 1:1 Registration with counselor: February 18 – February 28 through PE classes

Rising Freshmen - Class of 2026

  • Will be determined by middle school; dates will vary by school.