Information for Coming Back to School

Back to School

Hello Cougars, and welcome back! We are eagerly awaiting the start of school on Monday, August 23rd!

We are continuing our tradition of creating an interactive document that includes all of the information you need to start the school year. This document should not be printed, as there are many links included that will take you to forms and schedules located elsewhere. We hope you enjoy this format and cannot wait to see you at the start of the school year.

Below are some highlights of upcoming events and required forms. Be sure to visit our hyperdoc for all details!


Freshman and New Student Orientation

We are excited to welcome our new 9th graders and other students new to Oakton to our orientation!

The freshman and new student orientation will be on August 19th from 9-11:45 am and will begin in the auditorium. Students will have an opportunity to meet the administrative team, meet with school counselors, and tour the building. They will also have access to their schedules at orientation and will meet teachers during their orientation tour.

We look forward to meeting you next week!



Emergency Care Information

All parents must update their Emergency Care Information by August 23, our first day of school. The information must be correct and what we will use in case of an emergency. Please review and update via [email protected].