The Center

Oakton's peer-to-peer tutoring service

Our Mission

The Center aims to provide support to all levels of students and help our peers obtain not only deeper understanding in their academics, but also learn key study strategies for future success.

What is the Center and what services do we provide?

The Center is a virtual collaborative learning space where Oakton students can receive free & and personalized tutoring from trained peer tutors in any subject.

We provide 3 services:

  1. Single Session - Students can receive tutoring in any subject after completing a tutor request form on our website. Schedules are flexible.
  2. Peer to Peer - This program pairs a tutor with a student to help students increase their academic success and form long lasting friendships. If a student needs consistent help in a certain subject, they will be matched with a peer tutor to assist them throughout the course of the school year. Schedules are flexible.
  3. Study Groups - This program allows students to work collaboratively with peers who are taking the same class, and tutors will be available should the group need any assistance. 

When is the center open for tutoring/when can I schedule a session?

After completing the tutor request form on our website linked below, we will generally reach out to match the student with a tutor within 1-3 days. Most sessions take place right after school, during office hours, or during Monday intervention sessions. If your schedule prohibits you from any of these options or you simply have a different purpose, most sessions are flexible, and you can communicate with your tutor to find an optimal time for both of you.

How can I track my student’s progress and tutoring session content?

A Center tutor will reach out to the student once they fill out the form and request a session. We will then decide on a date and time to meet virtually, and after the session, the tutor will send an email to the student’s teacher, telling them what exactly was covered during the tutoring session.

About The Center

You can find more information about how to schedule an appointment and who we on The Center's own webpage!